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How Can I Fix the Attach File Problem in Yahoo Account?

What happen? Did your Yahoo Mail have stopped uploading the file suddenly? We know how it feels. When you are working on a project and the dead line is too hanging on your neck like a sword. Along with this your Yahoo Mail has left no stone upturned to annoy you by not working. There is no problem; your Yahoo Mail will start working in no time. What you have to do is stay relax and calmly follow the steps mentioned.

Whatever issue you are having with your Yahoo Mail Account we have experts at Yahoo customer service, who can assist you and resolve your problem. And our executive will always try that you won’t ever face a problem like this again.

Steps to Fix the Yahoo Mail attachment:

  • Open the web browser
  • Now, enter the yahoo main page
  • Enter the required fields with ID and Password
  • Now you will see the paperclip icon to attach files drag and drop them in your mail.
  • In case you don’t find the attachment in the documents, explore your downloads file.
  • Try temporarily disabling web browser extensions
  • Try using a different web browser
  • Compress the files into an archive format before attaching them to the email
  • Internet Explorer can switch on compatibility mode
  • Try switching between basic and full featured Yahoo Mail 

We guess the above mentioned steps will help you fixing the errors and attach the file in your yahoo account easily. Still if you face any query please ask us at Yahoo customer phone number. We hope that the problem you face is just a fluke and won’t stay longer. Our client benefit experts are open throughout the day, consistently to deal with your issues. The best bit of our support is that our technician settle and investigate the issue to provide the best suited solution.